About Brandon Touchet


I was up late one night at five years old admiring the stars through my bedroom window. I noticed that some stars blinked and some didn’t, some moved faster than others, and some flashed. I had questions, so I went to my parents. My parents explained the differences between planets, stars, comets, and meteors. But they couldn’t answer all of my questions. It was the first time I realized that adults didn’t have all the answers. This sparked an obsession with learning that eventually led me to physics.

I earned my BS in physics from the University of Louisiana in 2011 and my Ph.D. in engineering physics from Louisiana Tech University in 2016. During my academic career, I have worked on the statistics of dark matter (stability of the universe), non-incendiary tracers for the U.S. Army (now commercially available as '’Glow Ammo’’), elastic characterization of metal alloys, metamaterials (known for invisibility), and the electron self-energy paradox–one of the most infamous paradoxes of classical physics.

After graduation, I wanted to direct my skills into brain-related illnesses because my great-grandmother died of Alzheimers, my grandmother suffers from similar neurological aliment, and my mother is overcoming the consequences of a brain aneurism. So I moved to Colorado to work in Bio-tech.

I currently work at Biodesix as a ‘Scientific Data Analysis Researcher’, which means I research data analysis methods. This was a nice complement to some of my work in metamaterials where I researched and analyzed extraction methods for material properties. However, my work is more closely releated to data science. I use my data science skills to assist our team in building molecular diagnostic cancer tests.

Now I would like to learn more about the Us-vs-Them dynamic that is prevalent in the world. I call it Dunbar’s Problem. This website serves as my portfolio to aid in my transition from Bio-tech to Computational Social Science.

In the meantime, I fulfill my passion for health and fitness with various physical activities: hiking, snowboarding, camping, hunting, fishing, CrossFit, and jiu jitsu. I also enjoy giving back to my community. I generally give back by volunteering and speaking, and I typically speak about utilizing our bodies more effectively, both physically and mentally. Sometimes I turn these presentations into essays and share them on Medium.com. For example, here is an example from the Foundry, a local rehabhilitation clinic in Steamboat Springs, CO: The Standard American Lifestyle.

Check out my Résumé for more information.

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