About Brandon Touchet


I was up late one night at five years old admiring the stars through my bedroom window. I noticed that some stars blinked and some didn’t, some moved faster than others, and some flashed. I had questions, so I went to my parents. My parents explained the differences between planets, stars, comets, and meteors. But they couldn’t answer all of my questions. It was the first time I realized that adults didn’t have all the answers. This sparked my passion for learning which eventually led me to physics.

I earned my BS in physics from the University of Louisiana in 2011 and my Ph.D. in engineering physics from Louisiana Tech University in 2016. During my academic career, I have worked on the statistics of dark matter (stability of the universe), non-incendiary tracers for the U.S. Army (now commercially available as '’Glow Ammo’’), elastic characterization of metal alloys, metamaterials (known for invisibility), and the electron self-energy paradox–one of the most infamous paradoxes of classical physics.

After graduation, I wanted to direct my skills into brain-related illnesses because my great-grandmother died of Alzheimers, my grandmother suffers from similar neurological aliment, and my mother is overcoming the consequences of a brain aneurism. So I moved to Colorado to work in Bio-tech and have spent the past three years working as a data scientist building diagnostic cancer tests. This work eventually led me back to my other passion, health and fitness. I have since been working with machine learning, graph theory, and game theory to better understand the concept of fitness and its many applications..

When I’m not doing this you can find me hiking, snowboarding, camping, hunting, fishing, at CrossFit or jiu jitsu. I also enjoy giving back to my community, which I generally do by volunteering and public speaking. I tend to focus my community outreach on utilizing our bodies more effectively, both physically and mentally. Sometimes I turn these presentations into essays and share them on Medium.com. For example, here is an example from the Foundry, a local rehabhilitation clinic in Steamboat Springs, CO: The Standard American Lifestyle.

Check out my Résumé for more information.

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