Data Camp - Data Scientist

Data Camp’s Data Scientist with Python career track

Data Science is a broad inter-disciplenary field which aims to extract insights from data for business decisions. Data Camp is an online platform designed to teach the skills related to data science using interactive platforms based in the many relevant languages (e.g. R, Python, SQL). Their Data Scientist with Python career track consists of 26 courses, starting with an Introduction to Python and ending with Introduction to Network Analysis in Python. Below is a collection of case studies which I found helpful for developing skills and intuition.

Analyzing Police Activity

The goal of this project was to statistically test the affects of weather on police activity. ** notes coming soon **

Statistical Thinking II - Case Study: finches

The goal of this project was to perform hypothesis testing on historical finch data to determine if there has been significant changes in their beaks. ** notes coming soon **

Case Study: School Budgeting with Machine Learning in Python

This case study utilizes natural language processing to prepare school budgets. ** notes coming soon **

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